Przygoda z brafittingiem


‘Brafitting’ – this trendy slogan recently appears in every store, boutique or even marketplace. But what does it even mean?

A simple wordplay, ‘bra’ and ‘fit’, fitting a bra to your breast and making them work together as a charm. Is that it? Enough said? Just a simple measurement, attaching a measure tape to the band and to the cup, changing the popular 75B into a 65D? Well, no, you are missing something here. It’s not that easy at all!

Brafitting is something more than a simple sum of straightforward actions a lingerie shop assistant seems to be doing – brafitting is a mission, and a brafitter is a profession that commits itself to the highest level of service.

Brafitter is a person who has unmistakable knowledge, frankness, empathy, a sense of taste and good manners. In fact, a brafitter should combine advanatges specific to several other crafts.

First and foremost, we ought to consider health and comfort of everyday life, so we need to acquire good knowledge about the anatomy of breast and entire female body in order to help women going through their everyday activities. We should not forget that a well-fitting bra:

  • helps to relieve spine and shoulders,
  • prevents getting posture defects,
  • prevents unintended breast migration,
  • helps to maintain firmness of a breast,
  • allows to practice sports safely and comfortably.

These are just some of the advantages of a properly fitted bra.

In order to meet all these requirements, brafitter have to be able to determine the right size which is the basis for any further actions. Afterwards, she should define the type of breast and be aware; it is not at all about ‘lemon’, ‘orange’ or ‘watermelon’ cups.

This kind of knowledge differentiates a brafitter from an ordinary shop assistant who just sales underwear. A brafitter is able to determine whether her customer has a conical, drip, or spherical shape of breast. Yes, that’s right! There are many types of breast and it is crucial to be aware of it when making the choice about the right cut. Before we move to discuss the cut itself, let us remind that a brafitter also pays attention to the wires, whether ‘wide’ or ‘narrow’ ones suit her customer best. Wires play a very important role; do not forget that they ought to wrap the breast perfectly.

So far, we have determined the proper size and shape of the breast, and what kind of wires fit the woman best. We can now move to finding the perfect cut and this task calls for even more finesse from us. We need to manifest a degree of good taste and style and sometimes even some more solid knowledge about tailoring (for example, when choosing a bra which will go under a wedding dress). We need to pay attention to which kind of body shape our customer has, whether it is an ‘hourglass’, a ‘pear’, an ‘apple’, etc. Depending on the type of silhouette, we should suggest an appropriate type of bra.

For example, a woman having wider shoulders would usually prefer a ‘V-neckline’ type of cleavage. This kind of desgin optically narrows her arms, deepens her neckline and lengthens her neck. Owing to these effects, her silhouette will overall look better, and for this trick to work best she will need a plunge bra. And what is it in the first place? In every brafitting lounge you can find many different types of bra. These were invented because each of us is unique and has different needs.

We cannot all wear tubular trousers, and similarly not all of us look good wearing the popular balconette bra. In a professional brafitting lounge, lingerie is selected to suit the needs of the customer, instead of fitting customers to the assortment already in stock.

We have successfully gone down through our brafitting ‘to-do list’: we have fit the size, we have assessed the type of breast, determined the needs, and we have also chosen the best cut. You may think we’re done? Well, not yet… now we need to make sure the chosen bra is comfortable, check if the woman feels in it like in her second skin, long story short – our goal is to fit lingerie that will serve long and meet every expectation. Unfortunately… we are not fairies and we do not read womens’ minds, so in order for us to get this information, we need to manage the woman wanting to cooperate with us. After all, she came to us seeking for a professional service instead of quick buying ordinary lingerie in some galleria store. For this cooperation coming true – we brafitters need to be like a psychologist who will conciliate the woman enough to have her talk with us frankly. Many times we will be in need of asking her intimate questions, for example, at which point in the menstrual cycle she is at the moment. The cycle usually affects the shape, size and overall condition of the breast, so we have to take these factors into account. When fitting a postoperative bra we will need to ask a lot about health, same with a nursing bra when we will need to know about the stage of pregnancy. Likewise, during the fitting of a sport or a wedding bra certainly some peculiar questions will need to be asked and answered. Well, this is our duty after all!

Our mission is to create a place having soul, and a brafitter is a woman who can listen, advise, help to fit the right lingerie at every stage of women’s life. For a brafitter, every woman stands unique and forms a kind of challenge.

For them, we constantly develop ourselves and improve in various fields. Our work is not one of the easiest, but remains incredibly grateful. At those times when we see your confidence rising through your new underwear, when you gain femininity, sex appeal and overall rejoice, at those times we can feel we did our job well.

Do you fancy an adventure with brafitting?