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The idea of creating the Academy of Professional Brafitting came to life in 2010. The concept of brafitting was known in Poland for several years already, yet it would difficult to get some professional training in this field. Our experience gathered through practice when running own shops has proven that fitting a bra is much more than just finding the right size. We knew that the fit was influenced by such factors as breast shape and weight, chest structure or life circumstances (pregnancy, weight loss, past illness, etc.).

Running your own brafitting lounge requires more than just the ability to fit a proper bra size. There are many other factors with which the owners, brafitters struggle on a daily life.

The first experiences with replanishment, storage management, purchases, financial liquidity, maintaining outstanding customer service and creating a unique, women-friendly, profitable business – requires a lot of excellent skills. These can be trained though.

This is how the first course of brafitting, came to reality. The training resulted in outstanding brafitters, who are now the owners of a thriving lingerie business well prospecting to this day. Theory mixed with practice in cooperation with leading lingerie companies in the market, among others. British brands like Panache, Freya, as well as Polish brands like Alles or Kris Line, allows students to get practical training in the differences between cuts, sizes and suiting best every unique customer.

Twice a year the Academy provides a comprehensive course for future business owners to be a qualified brafitter, as well as staff training for excellent customer service.

We provide extensive help to the present businesses in streamlining their sales and service processes at their finest, as well as in dealing with storage and purchase economy.

Agnieszka Socha
Agnieszka Sochafounder

The best boss in the world has taught me how to approach business and people. They say I’m good. But in business I find myself. Authentic and sensitive. I am still working on self-development. For 7 years running my own company (4 stores, distribution, training and production) gave me solid foundations to look forward with optimism.

For a long time I have worked with men. Business among a group of women was a mystery to me. Lingerie lounge proves to be extremely demanding sales profile, since a female customer is the most intricate person out there, isn’t she? Confidence, relationship, and understanding of the needs which affect lingerie selection are crucial. I am going to share my knowledge with you.

How to manage a warehouse? Wisely, obviously. Purchases – when to do them and how much resources allocate therein? Do them, precisely when you need them, but maintain a reasonable anticipation and only if you can afford it. How to arrange the whole? It is difficult but not impossible. Supplies? If you plan these well, relax and just wait for them to arrive. With my help you will certainly manage.

I was recently told by someone he could never say that I’m the boss in my company. This is the best compliment I could ever hear as an employer. Well, this how it all works. Make sure your employees’ involvement gives them a sense of personal responsibility. I communicate, I am talking and listening. I point into the right direction and I allow for a fair share of individualism. I don’t need to worry about my business’ prospects.

“Mom – you are smart, diligent and kind”

“Honey – whatever compliment I could in your regard would be insufficient anyway”

“Rarely one meets people like you in business” – Monika

Diving at night, parachute jump, 100 kg deadlift, pulling on the stick – it’s never enough for me. I like to push the limit step by step. Or maybe someday I’m going to take over steering a plane?

Marta Podymkiewicz
Marta Podymkiewiczco-founder, lecturer
I participated in creating one of the first professional brafitting sites in Lower Silesia, and since 4 years I have been working in the best team of Onlyher.

A customer of boutique or maybe a shopping mall? Quite often these are completely different women. Flexibility, confidence, yet empathy and feeling – these qualities can’t be missing. I’ll teach them to you.

To identify yourself with a product, to have excellent knowledge and enthusiasm are the key points for making every deal. Add to these also an excellent recognition of customer’s needs and anchoring techniques. Having mastered these, you will feel as confident as I am.

People, not place make a perfect lounge. When you can feel you are participating in the business altogether, it will make you care. Supervision, but with trust, control, but with a sense. I listen and coordinate. Optimism and patience – these are qualities which I value.

I would never expect that a two days long weekend training would give me such a positive kick. Even if that also meant swollen leg and sore throat. But the satisfaction is unimaginable. Meet me!

I can maintain a distance to myself, and the notion of ‘blonde joke’ is no stranger to me. Mistakes happen to me from time to time… but that’s my charm.
Izabela Bigosińska
Izabela Bigosińskalactation consultant, lecturer
A mix of these three professions isn’t probably very common in the country, and maybe even in Europe?
And even in show business, my roots were in a TV show!

It really started when I had to help myself. Obtaining an international certificate in the field was a big problem for me in the beginning, but it was also my greatest professional adventure!

I remember my first patient in the lactating clinic who had a problem resulting from an unfit bra. And it turns out she wasn’t an exception! Who is going to help them?

This way only! Let’s talk, let’s argue, let’s share how it went for me, and how it went for you? Tell me. Let’s seek out solutions together. Do you disagree with me? Great! Only so can we develop and mutually enrich our knowledge.

South Africa, Singapore, Scandinavia – the world is small and people are fascinating.
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