About us

The idea of creating the Academy of Professional Brafitting came to life in 2010. The concept of brafitting was known in Poland for several years already, yet it would difficult to get some professional training in this field. Our experience gathered through practice when running own shops has proven that fitting a bra is much more than just finding the right size. We knew that the fit was influenced by such factors as breast shape and weight, chest structure or life circumstances (pregnancy, weight loss, past illness, etc.).

Running your own brafitting lounge requires more than just the ability to fit a proper bra size. There are many other factors with which the owners, brafitters struggle on a daily life.

The first experiences with replanishment, storage management, purchases, financial liquidity, maintaining outstanding customer service and creating a unique, women-friendly, profitable business – requires a lot of excellent skills. These can be trained though.

This is how the first course of brafitting, came to reality. The training resulted in outstanding brafitters, who are now the owners of a thriving lingerie business well prospecting to this day. Theory mixed with practice in cooperation with leading lingerie companies in the market, among others. British brands like Panache, Freya, as well as Polish brands like Alles or Kris Line, allows students to get practical training in the differences between cuts, sizes and suiting best every unique customer.

Twice a year the Academy provides a comprehensive course for future business owners to be a qualified brafitter, as well as staff training for excellent customer service.

We provide extensive help to the present businesses in streamlining their sales and service processes at their finest, as well as in dealing with storage and purchase economy.

Agnieszka Socha
Agnieszka Sochafounder

The best boss in the world has taught me how to approach business and people. They say I’m good. But in business I find myself. Authentic and sensitive. I am still working on self-development. For 7 years running my own company (4 stores, distribution, training and production) gave me solid foundations to look forward with optimism.

For a long time I have worked with men. Business among a group of wo